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Why You'll Learn jQuery

jQuery isn't a programming language. Somebody thinks it's a Javascript framework. Nope. jQuery is simply a specific library of JavaScript codes nothing else.

The main focus of jQuery is reduce of development time span. Example- in our HTML has a <p> tag with a class name dmsumon. We want to add another class name after loading the page by DOM manipulate.

<p class="dmsumon">If you don’t code much you’d be forgiven</p>

After loading the page, it'll-

<p class="dmsumon dms_selected">If you don’t code much you’d be forgiven</p>

For this reason I need to write Javascript code-

var d = document.getElementsByClassName("dmsumon");var i;for (i = 0; i < d.length; i++) {d[i].className = d[i].className + " dms_selected";}

I think it's tough. We can do it easily with jQuery by using the code-

$(".dmsumon").addClass( "dms_selected" );

We've finished in 1 line. jQuery is time saver. In a big project you need to write 200 line code in Javascript, you can complete the job in the 100 line jQuery code. That means not you'll not learn Javascript or  jQuery is better than JS. Everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages  jQuery:

1. Easier to learn than Javascript: You can use jQuery by just calling function's name. But if you use Javascript you need to write a lot of code. Which will slow down your website.

2. Development time saver: Since in jQuery integrated many codes, so you no need to write more. It's a time saver.

3. Easy to use: You can use it by just download from the official jQuery website.

4. Plugin support: You can make jQuery plugin or you can use free ready made plugin from the market. You can make professional website with these free plugins. See the Mixitup plugin example-

5. Browser compatible:  jQuery has been optimized to work with a variety of browsers automatically. Cross browser support is the great advantage of jQuery.

If you use Javascript, you'll face a lot of problems. Javascript code creates a problem in IE or Mozilla, you may need to write extra code for fixing the problem. But jQuery is free from this type problem.

6. jQuery works fast like pure Javascript in all modern browsers.

7. jQuery is Ajax supported

8. It's so painful to create nice, beautiful animation with Javascript. But you can do it easily with jQuery.

Disadvantages of jQuery:

1. The main problem of jQuery is, need to download all code libraries where you're using it in your browser. At present jQuery minified version size in 82KB.

It's a lot of code, where from you're using a little bit. But you need to download all. It's the main problem of every framework or library. You're keeping busy the server, when you didn't use it yet.

You can think 82KB is a sand in the Sahara desert. But in web performance every single bite is matters.

2. Many times pure Javascrit code show good performance from jQuery. You can go here, click the 'Run Tests' button from below. You'll see the performance.

By the way, jQuery is the unseverable part of modern web development. If you want to be a good web developer, you must need to learn jQuery. Top ten thousand websites in the world, using jQuery 55% of them. 

Top jQuery clients:

Microsoft, Google, WordPress, IBM, Adobe etc are using jQuery. When Google, Microsoft using it, I think there should not have any debate.

FAQ about learning jQuery:

Q1: What I need to learn at first, jQuery or Javascript?
Ans: If you know Javascript it's better, but not mandatory. You can start fom jQuery.

You'll learn from your need basis. If you need to learn Javascript, you'll start Javascript. If you need to learn jQuery, you'll start jQuery.

Best resources for learning jQuery:

1. You can learn with Jeffrey Way. He have a 30 days course online free course.
30 Days to Learn jQuery with Jeffrey Way →

2. CodeAcademy

3. Try jQuery

Some good books on jQuery:

1) Head First jQuery :: by Ryan Benedetti

2) jQuery in Action :: by Bear Bibeault

3) Learning jQuery by :: Jonathan Chaffer

4) jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile :: by Adriaan de Jonge

5) Pro jQuery :: by Adam Freeman

6) jQuery Cookbook :: by Cody Lindley

7) Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set :: by Jon Duckett

8) A Software Engineer Learns HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery :: by Dane Cameron

9) JavaScript and JQuery :: by Jon Duckett

Last of all, Though jQuery is quick to learn, but it is always difficult to master

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